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You can buy fresh and 100% grass fed local lamb meat from our farm

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All of our meat is processed by a USDA approved facility where they are inspected daily to ensure the highest quality products.

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We sell lamb meat in Michigan

Thinking about seasoned lamb chops? What about a rack of ribs grilled to perfection? You can buy high-quality lamb meat for any recipe from The Schalk Family Farm. For more than four years, we've been producing lamb chops, ribs, roasts, stew meat and other premium cuts.

You'll have all the fresh meat you could want when you source your supply from our farm.

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Our team:

  • Raises 100% grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic- free lambs
  • Gives our locally raised lambs room to roam on a 26-acre farm
  • Provides a happy and healthy environment for all of our animals
  • Partners with local professionals for processing, inspection and butchering

To learn more about our farm or our stock of fresh lamb meat, connect with us now. You can call 517-719-8604 or use the form on the Contact Us page to email us.

Bring your family together with a hearty meal

Through our locally raised lambs, our goal is to bring families together with meals featuring high-quality meat. You can prepare a nourishing meal with one of our many cuts of meat available for purchase. Contact us now to pick out meat for your next roast, barbecue or stew.

I've always been around livestock most of my life.

I started ranching in 2019 raising sheep for market value and moved into selling directly to the customer with 100% grass fed sheep, hormone free. I've been married 27 years to my wife, Lisa and had 1 daughter named Savannah.